Name Description
Good things to train Pictures (if I have them)
In-N-Out Burger Rails, Drops, tables. good for precisions, balance, and some small lines. You might get kicked out, but if you're respectful then the workers at In-N-Out probably won't care.
South of Raider Stadium Good staircase for staircase things. If there is a game going on, then you might get kicked out.

I couldn't find any good pics :/

Southern Oregon University Lots of spots everywhere that you can find by just walking around the campus. You can train pretty much every move here. It is a school, so they could kick you out.
GreenShow Court Yard Great for flips, vaults, flips on things, and lines. It's also big enough to bring lots of people with you. You might get kicked out. Just make sure you're respectful.
Ashland Sandpit It's a sand pit with some raised edges around it. Great for learning, trying flips outside, or trying to send new moves. It's a park, so you shouldn't get kicked out. However, people play volleyball, so try not to disturb them.
Ashland High School Good jumps, vaults, and walls all around the school. It is a school, so only go when school isn't in session. You could get kicked out. Once agaon, be respectful.
Lithia Park There are two main spots in Lithia Park. Exact coordinates of the spots are: 42°11'36.8"N 122°43'06.9"W and 42°11'45.6"N 122°42'57.2"W. Just plug the coordinates into Google Maps and it will take you to the spot. Good jumps, walls, and vaults. There is some good line potential. I believe it's a public park, so you probably can't get kicked out.