Name Description
Good things to train Pictures (if I have them)
Tualatin Community Park A great place to practice drops and landings. The big red structure offers lots of heights to drop from. The playground is like a small obstacle course and there are lots of good precisions throughout the park. There is a big grassy field and a long table good for tricking and practicing flips to ground with a little bit of height.
Ibach Park This park is really big and has lots of good precision and gap jump challenges. It has a pretty good slanted wall to flip onto and off of. There are also a bunch of big fields for tricking.
Tualatin Commons Lots of spots scattered around. Various stride and precision challenges. Good for tacs. Lots of balance challenges.
Staircase This spot has two sets of staircases on either side of the road. Both are pretty good. They are right in between Tualatin Community Park and Tualatin Commons, so if you are going to those two spots you should stop by the staircases. Make sure you only go here on the weekends, though, or you will get kicked out.
Jurgens Park It is a great place for practicing flips outside for beginners because there is a 2ish foot wall next to sand, as well as lots of grass hills at different inclines. There are also some circular bars and some good tac/wall climb challenges.
Atfalati Park Lots of big fields for tricking, a really tall play structure that could be used to practice decents and drops, and some pretty good rail precisions.