Oregon Outdoor Parkour Spots

General rules to follow while training outside:

  1. Be Respectful!
  2. Leave the space better than you found it
  3. Check your surfaces before you use them
  4. If you are climbing on stuff don't use your knees or elbows, it's safer and faster
  5. Don't do anything to harm the environment that you are training on. That means don't vandalize, dig up plants or break man-made structures that you are using. If you are filming in a public space and someone who doesn't want to be filmed is in the background,they can't make you delete the video. Privacy rules don't apply in public spaces.
  6. Know if you are in a private or public area
  7. If someone calls the police for whatever reason, don't run away and don't talk back.
  8. If you are going to train somewhere and you know that you are trespassing, make sure you know the trespassing laws where you are.

I do not endorse trespassing!