Ninja Gyms / Gyms With Parkour

Name Cost of Open gym Location Description
Skyhook Ninja Fitness $35 Drop In Tigard This gym has something for everyone. They have a Parkour section, rock climbing section, Ninja Warrior section, weight lifting/workout section, and a trampoline and spring floor. They also hold Ninja competitions.
Northwest Ninja Park No drop in open gym listed on their website Springfeild Their only open gym is members only on Saturdays, however if you do get a membership, it is 2 hours long. (At least that is what I was able to find on their website). Skyhook does Ninja competitions with them.
Motion Matrix Couldn't find any open gym, but they offer Parkour classes Medford It's a Gymnastics gym that offers Parkour classes. I didn't see anything about open gyms last time I checked their website, but there might be after hours training if you talk with one of the coaches.

If you know of any other Ninja gyms or gymnastics gyms that have open gyms or teach Parkour classes, please let me know. You can find my email on the Web Info page.