Oregon City

Name Description
Good things to train Pictures (if I have them)
Josh's Stompin Grounds Don't go in the big grass circle. Go there on the weekend or after 6pm. Don't fall in the water. Lots of great strides and precisions. It is also really good for Parkour tag. There is also a great spot for double vaults like double kongs and stuff. The walls are super slippery, though.
Covered spot This spot has some slanted walls and other things, but the main draw is the fact that it is under cover. If you put Black Ink Coffee into Google Maps, the spot will be across the street. I couldn't find the actual building on Google Maps, it doesn't have a name.
Clackamas Community College Don't touch the art. Lots of spots scattered around. Good vaults, tacs, and spots for flips and tricking.