Website Information

My goal with this website is to build a one-stop shop where people can find places to train outdoors or in gyms, get Parkour information, find out about events that are going on in the Parkour community, and to give a place for people to find others to train with.

This is a key to the map I have linked on the home page.

Red: A parkour Gym

Yellow: A Ninja Warrior Gym

Orange: A Gymnastics Gym

Blue: A Parkour Spot

Green: A really good Parkour spot That I have been to

All of the outdoor pages will have similar if not identical formatting and this is the same for the gym pages. Here is a key to different images I will use so that you can quickly see what things are good to train at each spot. Also this is version 2.0 of the website, I will update it as often as I can.








Big tricks/Single Moves:

Tricking/Ground Moves:

Here is the format for how to send me spots that I don't have on the website yet:

Email me at

Use the subject |OOPS| or |OOPS SPOTS| or I probably won't see it.

The Name of the spot

The Location

Any warnings, if you could get kicked out, IF IT'S TRESSPASSING, etc.

The rest are optional but greatly appreciated:

Pictures, Google Maps link, description of the spot, anything about parking, and how you want me to credit you.


My name is Zac Dollar and for most of my Parkour and Freerunning career I have been training exclusively in the gym. I wanted to start an outdoor Parkour community where I lived, so I started off by just making a Discord server with all of the Traceurs I knew. This still works, however I wanted to be able to grow the community and have an easy place for people to find spots to train. Before, if I wanted to find a new spot to train, I had to spend lots of time researching and checking old Parkour message boards. Taking all this time to find what usually ended up not even being that good of a spot got really frustrating. I wanted to find a way to make it easier. That's where the website comes in. Now, instead of everyone having to do their own reaserch, they can just check here for spots near them. If they know a spot thats not on the website, they can email it in and it will get added. Now I plan on doing outdoor training most weekends. I will continue to add to this website and eventually expand into other states. I wanted to make a positive impact to the Parkour community that has helped me through so much in life. This is my legacy.