Parkour Gyms

Name Cost of Open gym Location Description
Parkour Tualatin $12 drop in Open Gym Tualatin There are open gyms almost every day and there is after-hours training on Mondays and Wednesdays most weeks. On Mondays, there is a 15+ open gym and a class for all skill levels if you don't want to train with little kids.
Abstract in Motion $15 Drop in Open Gym Bend The entire lay out of the gym changes monthly, so there are always new things to try. Also, some of their open gyms are longer than an hour.
Revolution Parkour Gresham $15 Drop in Open Gym Gresham They have both a foam pit and a spring floor. They just recently expanded the gym, so there is more space for the spring floor. Great place for working up to big moves. They have great adult classes. Ask the owner, Rylan, about movement matrix for adults that want to train Parkour.
Revolution Parkour Beaverton $10 Drop in Open Gym Beaverton They have a $5 first time trial class (I don't know if this can be used on an open gym).
The Movement Park $25 Drop in (can be used for class or open gym) Hillsboro This gym is mostly focused towards little kids. However, they just got an advanced class. There is also a second room that is more focused towards freerunning and tricking.

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