Name Description
Good things to train Pictures (if I have them)
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park Cool castle structure that looks good for precisions, gaps, and flips from hieght. It's a public park, so as long as you aren't disrupting others or being mean to kids, you shouldn't get kicked out.

Not the best pic but could be worse

Hallie Ford Center The spot is the corner of the building off of 26th Street. Warm up spot. Variety of small walls and curbs.
ROTC Obstacle Course ROTC Obstacle course. Vaults, bars, walls, etc. Mostly made of logs.
Gilfillan Auditorium Three walls for vaults, precisions, etc. Small spot behind auditorium with rails, precisions.
Weatherford Hall The main balcony overlooking field. Rails, precisions, 12+ foot drop to grass.
Austin Hall Rails, benches, precisions, etc.
Snell Hall Back door entrance, off of Benton Pl. Small spot. Walls, jumps, etc.
The Bones: Avery Park Follow road to left, parking and spot to the right. Abstract structure. Good boosted take-offs. Creative movements.