Name Description
Good things to train Pictures (if I have them)
Jamison Square Park I recomend going here as a warm up spot to do some light jumps and get your body ready for the better spots around Portland.
Lovejoy Fountain Park Lovejoy has lots of good precision challenges and really great line potential. There is also a good wall climb challenge. It is within walking distance of Portland State University Urban Plaza and Keller fountain.
PSU Urban Plaza PSU Urban plaza has places for pretty much everything: vaults, jumps, wall climbs, tricking, lines, etc. It is big enough to have lots of people there and not run out of space. If you are going to train in Portland for the first time, or if you can only go to one or two spots, make sure you check this one out. It is also within walking distance of Lovejoy fountain and Keller fountain.
Keller Fountain This is one of my favorite Partland spots. It has tons of great stride and gap jump challenges of all difficulties. It also has great line potential. It is a fountain, it turns on in the summer. However, there are still areas of the fountain that don't get wet where you can train. You can also just train in the water. It is within walking distance of PSU Urban plaza and Lovejoy fountain.
Irving Park Lots of great precision and stride challenges, as well as bars and good vault spots. Huge line potential and room for tricking.
The Oregon Zoo This spot is outside the zoo, so you don't have to pay to go there.